World Class Trading Bots

Cloud-based bots technology to help you trade and track without wasting time. Utilize Sindbad Technology 24/7 and be updated of the progress of your holdings.

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Product Features

Cloud Based Bots

Our Bots are based in the cloud. It is available 24/7, no laptop required, you only need your smart device to chat with the trading BOT, and the bot will trade in full automation.

Automatic Trading

Trade securely on our platform with stock trading bots. Minimize risks and generate profit with our automated algorithms that strategically take advantage of fluctuating markets.

Stop Loss

Harness and protect your assets from crashing. The stop loss is a precise calculation process that triggers the bot to sell at the right time, and eliminate the risk.


We use a 20-year big-data as the basis of projection to measure the trading performance, accuracy, and business analytics.

24/7 Active

You can connect anytime, anywhere around the clock. Our Bots scan the entire market for you to avoid missing any good trades and your investments will be out of the market before it crashes.

Safety and Security

We will not hold your funds, as they will be secured in your investment portfolio with the bank or broker you are using. It is secured by a (2FA) for your portfolio access.

Why Sindbad.Tech?

Safeguard Signal

Safeguarding trading assets is one of our main goals in protecting your assets. A big data predictive analysis can predict up-market and down-market for a couple of weeks, giving the advantage to protect capital and improve overall performance.

Providing this holistic view, Sindbad.Tech bots support:

  • Better response to possible trading anomalies
  • Better decision-making
  • Better business results

Supported Stocks Exchange

Shari'a Compliance

We are complied with SHARI'A COMPLIANCE!

Sindbad.Tech has developed a strong obedience to rules of conduct and morality with the Islamic Shari'a rules and regulations.

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