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To provide a modernized way of crowd investment and manage it using AI and automation which prevents human error.

Sindbad.Tech uses big data for dynamic learning such as analyzing market behaviour, machine learning which focuses on data, algorithm, and safeguard signal to protect the capital from down market.


Life Solutions 4 Global Individual Investors


To create an innovative FinTech Trading Solutions that utilize AI and Bots Technology for Global Individual Traders.

The Journey

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We started our journey with business analytics identifying the market behaviour and trades. Using traditional indicators strategy mathematical model, we have come up with an exemplary results during this initial formulation to eventually achieve the dream of Trading in full automation.


Two years after our initial studies, this year, we developed the first strategy with acceleration using mathematical model. This year's data gathering, analysis, and further studies have given us huge signs of progress with a spice of challenges in between which cannot be avoided.

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With a giant leap from 2015, we finally developed the first algorithmic trading with AI and Big Data. Ultimately, the target of trading in full-automation is almost achieved during this year. The bots strategies and global markets are simultaneously tested during the process.


In the midst of pandemic, we finally developed the first bot by our very own CTO Mr. Ziad Agbawi. We finally get to perform algorithmic trading in full automation. This year marks the start of our state-of-the-art and cloud-based bot technology establishment. This sophisticated innovation has become nowadays, the smartest investment solution.

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Here we are today in 2022, the very first FinTech in the kingdom that provides AI and automation for global capital market with exceptional success. This trading solution will protect the capital investments, grow and sustain the assets of our global individual investors.